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Front End Software Engineer

AO Inc. - Palo Alto /CA /Tamba-Hyogo/
AO Inc. is a Voice computing company. We believe that reinventing the hearable Devices our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves.

We’re looking for a Front End Software Engineer to join AO Inc .You will play a key role in building and shaping everything from Voice Matching Platform on the web to our ads website and more to come.

Experience and Education Requirements: 
• 3+ years of experience in software development. 
• Solid expertise in developing web-based applications.

• Equivalent certifications in computer science, web services, or related technical field preferred.


• Python

• Familiarity with networking protocols

• Higher knowledge in computer science, engineering or equivalent in experience

• Minimum 2 years of working experience

• Proficient in web technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS, modern task runners and testing tools.

• Familiarity with front-end web frameworks.

• Adept in at least one additional programming/scripting language (e.g. python, java,C#,C++)

• Understanding of SQL, database design and modeling

• Experience in building scalable systems

• Understanding of automated testing, deployment process and tools

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Passionate in writing clean code and creating world-class software

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AO -Blue ocean to communicate-
330 Waverley St  Palo Alto, CA  94301 
Silicon Valley

IoT Lab

Agent d'AO 丹波
TAMBA, Hyogo-prefecture
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